Zachary Webber

​This NYU trained actor has quickly established himself as one of the go to Romance Narrators.

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Jason Olazabal

This NY trained actor performed several voices in "The 50 Year Mission: Star Trek Oral History" from MacMillan. 

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Lucinda Clare

Author, Psychic, Narrator, this Central Drama trained UK actress offers incredible timing and engagement. Click here to browse Lucinda Clare​'s latest titles on Audible!

Jayne Entwistle

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Become a Narrator
Liane Curtis​​
Liane Curtis is an accomplished voice actress, and yes, she is the same Liane Curtis from the 
hit Sixteen Candles (1984)

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Susan Hanfield
Susan Hanfield is a classically trained actress deserving of her 2015 and 2014 Audie Award nominations. 

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Mary Jane Wells​​

Mary Jane Wells trained as an actress at the Royal Scottish Academy, and has a great style. 
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Our Talented Readers
Ian Hart
Ian Hart is a talented English actor known for his portrayals of characters ranging from John Lennon in Backbeat to railbird Lonnie in Luck and 
​Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter.

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latest titles on Audible!

Tom Weitzel

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Betsy Baker
Betsy Baker is an American-born actress known for her role as Linda in the cult classic 
The Evil Dead (1981).

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​​Simplicity + Attention to Detail = A sophisticated and first rate production.

If you are interested in becoming a Punch Audio narrator, please visit our Facebook page. There you will get information about our "Demo Half-Day", a quarterly training day where you get our immersive info/booth workout, and lunch!

No matter where you are on your VO journey, we can help you grow.

Graduates of Punch Audio Demo Half Day's include:

Sophie Amoss, Dana Dae, Zachary Webber, Martin Hillier

Tom WeitzelWhitney WebsterMary Jane Wells

- many have become sought-after narrators.

We maintain our roster on ACX at Punch Audio on ACX and at Punch Audio Libre, our Spanish Language division.

Marc Cashman

​One of the established Stars of the Audiobook World. Non-fiction king.

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Simplicity + Attention to Detail = A sophisticated and first rate production.

Punch Audio is a talent based Audio production group, capable of adding value to your audio project. Whether it is a book, short story, play, commercial or business read, we offer first-class production value with casting from an extensive roster of terrific Hollywood actors.


    Caroline Morahan

is an Irish actress and television host. She played Queen Elinor on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Click here for sexy sample. 

*****Our All-Stars *****

Alex Hyde-White

Alex Hyde-White is an English-born, California-raised actor known best for his role as David Morse in

Pretty Woman (1990).

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Sophie Amoss

is a graduate of Columbia University and a busy NYC actress.

Currently she is Narrating Sandra Byrd's French Twist ​series thru ACX.