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Direct for Audible, Retail-Ready: $330 Per Finished Hour

Hybrid – Lab Labor/Royalty Share: $165 -$210 Per Finished Hour

Punch Audio is a fast growing Audiobook production collaborative offering training and production creating retail-ready Audio products at indie-friendly rates. We offer standard pay-for production with first-rate QC a fast turnaround. Occasionally, we can offer to partner on a sliding-scale, Hybrid/Royalty Share, option. Either way, we offer independent Authors and Publishers the same quality production as the larger houses provide, using terrific Narrators and Engineers in Hollywood overseen by our front office. The result is prompt delivery and exceptional value, with the force Multiplier of using Punch Audio as your production partner. We are well-liked and fast-growing, experienced in all genres: Fiction and Fantasy to Non-Fiction and Foreign Language. Whether a book, short story, play, commercial or business read, we offer first-class production value with casting from an extensive roster of terrific Hollywood actors.

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Industry Standard Quality at Indie-Friendly Rates

To Each Their Own, a comedy for the 2nd Elizabeth’s stage, released on Audible from The Washington Shakespeare Society. 

Roy Dotrice, Stefan Rudnicki, Scott Brick, Simon Vance and George Del Hoyo join cast!

This multi-character Audiobook, the romantic historical fiction Black Sam: Prince of Pirates by James Lewis, is in full production through ACX. 

Punch Audio welcomes great talent to its roster! See our roster page. 

New on Our Roster: Ian Hart, Marc Cashman,
Susan Hanfield! 
New Elizabethan
Comedy Completed!​October 2014
Black Sam: Prince of Pirates by James Lewis
Ready for Launch !!

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